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With its 1.8 million inhabitants, Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and the largest metropolitan area in northern Germany. Certainly, Hamburg's main harbour of the city is always worth a visit. And with gloveler you'll always find a room or an apartment in a private home nearby. Within the last 200 years, the population increased from 100,000 to today's 1.8 million inhabitants. Without Hamburg's harbour, this development wouldn't have been possible. Because of the trade with its century-long history, the citizens of Hamburg are said to be extraordinary cosomopolitan and tolerant. Experience this lovely town while spending the night in an affordable place in Hamburg like a private room or an apartment in Hamburg. In case you are going to visit Hamburg, you should consider to visit the adjacent Hanseatic City of Bremen too.

It's not just the economy that makes Hamburg a front-runner. Hamburg does much more to be one of the most interesting cultural centres, too. The town on the river Elbe is well known for its musicals and its countless theatres and museums. Why not include a trip to the theatre with your stay in Hamburg? You can easily book your stay in a private room or apartment on Hamburg’s accommodation service on Nevertheless, Hamburg’s quarter Sankt Pauli, is also famous for its previous sinisterism. Particularly the Reeperbahn, Hamburg's number one amusement strip, is famous for its pleasure-and-party-seeking visitors. Make a reservation for a cheap accommodation in Hamburg today with

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Hamburg sightseeing

Hamburg's harbor, the second largest port of Europe, offers much more than container ships. The venerable Speicherstadt is situated in the harbor. Also, the galleyways in Sankt Pauli have become a great tourist attraction over the years. Another landmark of Hamburg, the Elbphilharmonie, was recently built in the harbor. Around the area, Hamburg Harbor City is home to 40,000 businesses and 12,000 people.
Speicherstadt is the biggest warehouse complex of the world. It was built in the early days of Hamburg. During World War II, nearly half of the buildings were destroyed. After the war, Speicherstadt was rebuilt true to original layout and today accommodates, among other things, the Maritime Museum, the Hamburg Dungeon and the Miniaturwunderland (Miniature Wonderland). Find an accommodation like a sublet or an family apartment in Hamburg – on!
Fish market
The fish market is held in the Große Elbstraße right across from the fish auction hall between Kaistraße and the alleyways of the old town of Altona. It takes place every Sunday between 5.00 and 9.30 a.m. In addition to fresh fish, other fresh food can be purchased at adequate prices. The centerpiece of the market are the cauctioners who entice the buyers and passerbys with delicious goodies.
River Elbe
The river Elbe is Hamburg's lifeline. Since the town has existed, the river Elbe has provided the citizens of Hamburg with water and connects Hamburg's harbor with the North Sea. Hence, the river Elbe is one of the busiest rivers of the world. The river offers relaxation, too. Along the watersides are sandy beaches as well as bicycle and walking paths. If you need a rest during your bike tour, you can find lodging like a cheap bed and breakfast near Hamburg with
In Hamburg, there are countless churches, e.g. the "Hamburger Michel", which is one of the most impressive landmarks with its 132-metre-high steeple. The "Hamburger Michel" can hold 2,500 people. Another well known church is the Nikolaikirche which was completely destroyed during World War II, except for the steeple. Today, the steeple is a monument to the war. Other interesting churches are the Katharinenkirche, the Jacobikirche and the Saint Peter's Church.
The Reeperbahn is the entertainment district of Hamburg. Here, numerous bars, discotheques, music clubs, restaurants and red light clubs spring up. Close by, the "Große Freiheit" bar became famous due to the classic movie "Große Freiheit Nr. 7" that was filmed on location.
There is a difference between the Inner Alster and the Outer Alster. Usually, by talking about the Alster, people mean the Inner Alster, which is a 18-hectare-lake in Hamburg's city centre. Along the watersides there are numerous restaurants, cafés and bars. Are you looking for an accommodation or sublet along the Alster? certainly has a room or an affordable apartment in a private home for you!
Hamburg's Schanzenviertel is not its own district, rather it is a small area that is situated between the Eimsbüttel and Sternschanze districts. Among the citizens of Hamburg, it is well known as a hip neighborhood, because of the students who moved here during the 70's as a result of low priced rooms for rent. Later, the alternative scene had to defend itself against rising rent prices and an ever-increasing commercialization of its neighborhood. Nowadays, the Schanzenviertel is popular for its countless bars and restaurants.
In Hamburg there are 60 theatres and museums, more than 100 music clubs and more than 10,000 independent artists. With two million travelling musicians coming through each year, Hamburg is Germany's musical capital. Only New York city and London can count more musicians then Hamburg. Musicals such as "Cats", "The Phantom of the Opera" or "The Lion King" already fascinated hundreds of thousands and contributed much to the success of Hamburg. Hamburg's accommodation service offers a cheap accommodation for your trip to Hamburg as well.

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